Reverend James David Walsh - Divine Love Minister

Wedding Ministry
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“If you wish to experience a real blessing of Divine Love and are open to receiving it, you most certainly will.”

Reverend James David Walsh is an ordained minister who has married over 3000 couples primarily in Hawaii. He started Hawaiian Barefoot Weddings in 1999 and is now offering smaller wedding and vow renewals along with his other ministerial services. He is affectionately known on the island of Oahu as “Rev Jimbeau” and offers Divine Love Weddings and Renewal of Vows services to couples of all Faiths and Denominations.

Rev Jimbeau has married couples of all Faiths and often performs interfaith weddings for couples coming from different cultures who simply want a blessing of God’s Love without all the dogma attached. When asked to do non religious but spiritual ceremonies he is more than happy to do so outside of any particular religious beliefs but always including a request to our Creator for the couple to be blessed with Divine Love in their souls, their marriage, their walking into the future together. 


 “God may be many things to many people, but most agree that God is Love! Divine Love!” 


Reverend Walsh’s services are offered with a requested donation. If there is no amount listed below, the donation amount is up to you.

Wedding Ministry and Vow Renewals

Wedding ceremonies celebrate each couples desire to come before God and humanity and declare their love for each other and desire fro this day forward, to live as one. Couples marry each other. I am there to facilitate their wishes and ask God to bless their Holy Union with Love, Protection, Angelic Guidance, Health and Prosperity. Renewal of Vows Ceremonies are celebrations and an acknowledgement of a couple’s married years together; their successful journey through the trials and tribulations as well as the triumphs of married life. They offer to recommit to each other for the rest of their days and are encourage to make personal declarations of love and honesty. If the couple has children and/or grandchildren they will be acknowledged and invited to participate. This is a celebration of a deep and abiding love. Weddings start at $225, Vow Renewals at $200

Healing Services, Child Blessings & Baptisms

If the person is an adult and wishes to have a Baptism ceremony…Rev Jim offers a prayer for God’s Love to fill his/her soul that it may be transformed from being created in the image into the very substance of the Creator. A moral and spiritual commitment from the recipient is always requested. This ceremony includes asking the parents and godparents to raise the child with love and a moral/spiritual compass in keeping with the families religious and/or spiritual beliefs. Rev Jim asks for this commitment from them and from all in attendance. When water is poured gently on the child’s head Rev Jim prays for the inflowing of the living waters of God’s Love in the child’s soul. Readings from the appropriate scripture (depending on the beliefs /denomination of the parents) will be given as well as prayers for protection and guidance for all the days of the child’s life on earth. Two hour sessions start at $150

Counseling, Prayer Services, Hospital & Hospice Visits

Rev Jim is available for hospital and hospice visits by request. He offers spiritual and or religious readings and counsel, and always a prayer for a healing in body, mind, and soul. If the person is near death he will gently guide them in prayer and love on their journey forward in spirit. All services ask for God’s Divine Love to bless the soul of each person and transform them from mere mortal to Celestial angel.

Divine Love Prayer & Meditation Services

Divine Love Prayer and Meditation services are offered to individuals and groups who wish to experience God’s Divine Love in their souls. Rev. Jimbeau will generally begin these sessions with an explanation on the difference between the natural love inherent in each soul from birth and the Divine Love that is a gift given to all those who ask for it with the sincere longings and earnest aspirations of their soul. Priceless!

“I cannot tell you how many people came up to us after the reception to say how much they loved the ceremony, particularly the wedding vows. Rev. Jim, we were so impressed and touched by your service. We could not have been more pleased with EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in the ceremony.” Vicki and Robert Burgoyne

Wedding & Videography Clients

OMG, just a note to tell you that not only do we think we had the best wedding ever, but we think we must also have the best wedding pictures ever!!! No, really!! Juan is an amazing photographer. I would say he is best of the best. We love you guys for everything you did to make our day perfect, including having Juan capture it all so perfectly. Thanks again!!! 

PS: please use us as a reference complete with my cell #765-366-0078. I would tell anyone how awesome you are!!”

Mark and Stacy Davidson

Wedding & Photography Clients

Hola! Jason and I just got back in San Antonio late this afternoon. I wanted to take the time to thank you once again for everything you’ve done for our wedding and our entire family! I cannot thank you enough and I wish I could do more. You made our special day extra special and we will be forever grateful.” Jason and Mary Heinrich Rolf

Wedding Clients

Contact Reverend Jimbeau (808) 293-9592

2015 Reverend James David Walsh Hawaiian License number : 99-462

Ordained: Foundation Church of Divine Truth and Foundation Church of the New Birth Hawaii affiliate: Divine Love Ministry Rev Walsh is a Trustee

“Begin with Love.”